We never dim, we only shine


by Ysabella Abriana Aranas and Kimberly Mae Argosino

Wondrously wild – Envergan Wildcats clawed their way into the talent scene, proving that at 72, one thing remains true:  We never dim, we only shine. 

Pulsating with passion, students showcased a week’s worth of hard work in their exhibits, painting a remarkable impression on the department they represent.

Poise and grace clothed the stage during the folk dance competition. With music representative of Quezon Province and dances reflective of Quezonian identities, contenders brought their renditions into an unforgettable execution – impressing the audience and earning thunderous applause.

CBA lions brought another prize home into their pride after finishing first, with CIHTM in second and CEd in third.  In the end, they all still won the Wildcats’ hearts.

The interpretative dance competition is in another dimension of artistry. CBA’s “Anak” interpretation made the gymnasium cry in child-like tears, while the CEng’s potrayal of “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na”, took a more mature turn and encapsulated a tumultuos relationship that seeped into the audience’s hearts.

Finally, CEd allowed Envergans to feel liberty with “Malaya”, releasing the power humbled by a subtle surge of emotions, and empowered the crowd with a taste of becoming free. 

In a playful mash-up of “Macho-gwapito, Babaero, and Mr. Suave”, CBA swayed the crowd with their display of charisma, making everyone stomp their feet with the addictive beats and clap along each rhythm.

To balance this manliness, CEd served a whimsical plate of teenage crushes with “Mr. Kupido, Mr. Dream Boy, and Mr. Disco”: music about misters that drew the crowd back into a nostalgic journey of young love and pure fun. And Envergans might be in Lucena, but CAFA brought Envergans to “Manila”. Who would’ve thought that wildcats could travel for free?

With “Pag-ibig ko’y pansinin”, CBA’s singing enchantress made people silently weep and cheer at the same time during the vocal solo competition. CEng’s representative found himself a spot in second place with Moira’s “Tagpuan”, and rendesvouz with victory when he sang beautifully for the listeners.

Chain of Talents will not be complete without the much-awaited showdown competition. The advocacy-driven dances gave dancers a chance to triumph. CITHM converted words into fleeting movements and conveyed messages in graceful steps and poses.

CEng uplifted spirits of the despaired and awakened eyes into the issues of depression. Champion department CAS put politics into play, allowing Envergans to be more open about elections in a fun and entertaining manner. 

We never dim, we only shine – the Chain of Talents made stars out of students in performances no one could ever forget.