Up close and personal with Ms. Enverga


“Because as part of today’s youth, I believe that I am a perfect fit for setting an example and becoming a guide in giving importance to nature as early as possible for their age.” These are the words from a Miss Earth contender from Lucena City. 

But these words are not just from Miss Earth Lucena City, she’s also our reigning Miss Enverga 2017 — Shaina Louise Kim.
Miss Enverga 2017 continues to inspire fellow Envergans to follow her footsteps as an embodiment of discipline and beauty. In a conversation, The Luzonian got the opportunity to be up close and personal with her.


The L: What’s your inspiration in winning pageants?

Shaina: My inspiration is the opportunity for learning. More than the experience and the crown that I will get, whenever I am on stage…I always feel that after a stint I will be learning from the experience. When I represented our college in the Miss Enverga pageant, I was the only one who was willing to join. I was struggling with time but my compelling drive to join and win the pageant did it for me.


The L: What’s your environmental advocacy when you joined Miss Earth?

Shaina: My environmental advocacy is to promote or implement community-based sustainable tourism. The growth in tourism must be balanced with environmental preservation. This is essential. We must work together to sustain both. We must look after the welfare of our resources. I pushed for this advocacy as Miss Earth because we need to take care that the future generation can still enjoy the beauty of our surroundings.


The L: How was your journey behind the pageants?

Shaina: If you’re chosen as one of the delegates, your responsibilities as a candidate will commence right there and then. If you’re representing a town or province or city, you have to be the best representation of it. You have to be presentable at all times and contain yourself. The challenge is to make everyone curious and interested about you and the place you’re representing.


The L: What do you feel when you’re up onstage?

Shaina: I feel that I am living my dream to meet many people. It is very fulfilling that I got the chance to share my personality and talents to the crowd. I love doing pageants because it is very fulfilling to hear the crowd cheer for me. It is also very challenging. Maybe that’s why I pursued this.


The L: What do you tell people behind your success in pageantry?

Shaina:  At first, they’re shocked. They doubted that I could make it since I am studying at the same time. I also just turned eighteen at that time. However, their support did not falter. Up until the end, they supported me and I am forever grateful for that.


The L: What’s your advice to other people aspiring for a beauty title?

Shaina: Always take care of yourself and all will follow. Discipline yourself, focus on your goal, and never let your guard down. Set your priorities straight. Always be grateful.


The L: How did your academic program shape you as a person?

Shaina: My experience in pageants and my program correlates in shaping me as a person. My confidence has been fostered in my studies as a tourism major and my pageant experience.


What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing up years?

Shaina:  To be strong, positive and stay who you are as possible. I always remember my Mother who always tells me even up to now, “Always be down to earth.”