Cracks cause student lounge closure


The University Student Lounge is currently closed for student access due to cracks on an unsupported central beam of the structure.

According to Engr. Renato Zabella, director of the General Services Department, this is to prevent any untoward incident in case the condition worsens or an earthquake suddenly occurs.
On the other hand, Engr. Arturo Doñasales, the University building inspector, recommended a professional assessment from a credentialed structural engineer on the stability and safety of structures on campus.

Currently, the University is in contact with SARCA, the construction firm responsible for the building of the Student Lounge.

At the same time, the contractor has been consulted for either repair or retrofitting but authorities said that it is still too early for retrofitting as the building was only built in 2015.
Although the damage is minor, the incident is said to be uncommon for new buildings like the student lounge.

While the student lounge’s one-year retention policy has already expired, according to the Building Code contractors and design engineers are still liable for any untimely incident.