Tigers stamp class in 2018 Intramurals


A thunderous roar erupted in the MSEUF Gymnasium as the College of Engineering Tigers clinched 27 golds to top the 2018 MSEUF Intramurals and dislodge defending champion College of Criminology and Law Enforcement Raptors on April 17-19.

Prowling the courts and the pool, the Tigers managed to hunt down their adversaries to growl victorious in volleyball men and post a back-to-back win in the women’s division to amass 17 golds in the ball games.

With adrenaline shooting high, the CEng Tigers snatched 10 golds in the swimming competition, drowning the CEd Jaguars and shaming the CME Sharks in the water competitions.
The CEng Tigers however settled for second place in basketball men after losing against the tight defense of the defending champions, the CCLE Raptors.

At the end of the Intramural Games, the CEng Tigers added 14 silvers and a bronze to their arsenal to wrap up the series.

The CEd Jaguars emerged second overall, trucking one gold in swimming and six in the cheerdance competition after trouncing the the CEng Tigers in this category.

The CEd Jaguars’ seven golds, was 20-gold medals shy of the CEng Tigers’ win, but an additional seven silvers in other events was good enough to dethrone the CCLE Raptors’ five golds and five silvers. The defending champions trailed third overall.

The CITHM Bobcats fell in fourth spot after grabbing four golds, four silvers and 21 bronzes. The Bobcats made their might felt in swimming events where they got all their golds.
While the CME Sharks did not lead this year, they gathered three golds, nine silvers and four bronzes overall.