Through the looking glass


Graduates are about to step into a magical world. Like Alice in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, they are about to experience fantasy far from the reality waiting beyond the diploma. But Alice did not slip this time. She stepped into the looking-glass world because the mirror is transparent enough. So how transparent can this year’s Graduation Ball be?


Large gatherings such as a graduation ball allocates budgets to various things. Food, lights and sounds, maintenance, design, and prizes are the most basic expenses graduates would have to deal with. What do we really need to know about them?

Food is inarguably the most important part of a graduation ball. Participants would have to stay for hours chatting and dancing after all. As a result, catering services are usually hired to provide the attendees with nourishment to keep them in high spirits the whole evening.

How much was spent for this year’s graduation ball food? Whose services were hired? Aside from the cost of food items, how much was the labor cost for personnel who did overtime work? What about snacks? Each king and queen (it was a royal ball, organizers said) should get answers, else their hunger for truth leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

The next crucial element is maintenance. As in any occasion, cleanliness and orderliness must be preserved. Graduation ball trash would have to be disposed, chairs cleaned and put in place, in order to keep a lovely court for the kings and queens. How much did they allocate for this? Who will be paid? Other than the University’s General Services, are there other people involved in the maintenance work who need to be compensated as well? Not only should we have an organized venue; a clean slate would surely comfort royal minds.

In any activity, it is necessary to have enough resources to accomplish the objectives.

Of course, maintenance is not without design. For a castle to be worthy of its masters, the place would have to look like a work of art. Party services are commonly rendered here. Who were the people paid for this? For how much? Were students asked to help to lower costs? The allocation of budget is also an essential feature of memorable parties like this.

And speaking of memories, lights and sounds set the atmosphere of laughter, fondness and farewells. Lights need to be installed to create the desired “royalty” effects. Music would have to resonate the rhythm of kings and queens as they dance across the dreamy lights. Whose services have been availed? How much? Were there students paid to do the electronic works? The royals cannot be blind and deaf about these.

Finally, prizes can excite party goers in a royal court. Kings and queens would like to have Lady Luck with them as they go to battle. Then again, it would depend upon the pot. What were the prizes involved? From what contests and raffles could they be won? How much was spent for them? Whose services have been procured to dispense the rewards? Whether rewards be wine, food or money, prizes aren’t as attractive if the giver withholds them.

In any activity, it is necessary to have enough resources to accomplish the objectives. That is especially crucial when we want to enter a world of magic, for a five-hundred peso entrance fee.
It’s all in the answers. Alice may have been in front of a world full of uncertainties, but the looking-glass was clear. All that’s left is stepping on her own and enjoying the fruits of her own curiosity.

But curiosity needs to be satisfied. And here lies the rub. Uneasy is the head that wears the crown. Always. But he has to satisfy his subjects if he does not want his head served on a silver platter.

The truth must be told. At once. Time is of the essence because the subjects are leaving the kingdom for a bigger adventure out there. And their questions must be answered. Now.