The ride behind Angkas


There is something you need to buy but the traffic along the shop is massive and it will take more time to travel from your home to the establishment than buying your cravings.

Technology in the Philippines has been developing and talking about living in the capital city of our country, you can travel from one place to another in just a tap, you can ask someone to do your groceries in just a tap, and you can tell someone to deliver something from your home to your workplace in just a tap without moving your feet around.

Holding your convenience has been a time saver especially to those people who have their limited time to do the things they’ve used to do. Living the provincial life, technology offered in the capital city is not available, but here in Lucena there is a small business where you can let them buy anything you want and they will deliver it into your doorsteps, you can call them Angkas sa Lucena Delivery Services or simply Angkas Lucena.

Angkas Lucena started operating October 2018 when the owner of the company saw how traffic the city proper was and come up into an idea of letting a student or employee ride with their motorcycle for them to arrive at their school or workplace on time, but since riding with motorcycle as a mode of public transportation is banned, Angkas Lucena was then developed as a delivery service.

You do not need to download a new mobile application to book a delivery from them, you just need your Facebook account, search for their business page Angkas sa Lucena Delivery Services, click the button on the upper right corner of their page which says ‘Book Now’, and select the mode of service you prefer or need. Angkas Lucena also has their main office behind Sta. Veronica church, University Site, Brgy. Ibabang Dupay.

To know their delivery services fee, here are the information:

Type of Service Place Rate
Delivery Service Lucena Bayan Minimum fee P50 + P5 per km
  Barangay 1-12 Lucena Minimum fee P50 + P5 per km
  Outside Lucena to any area of Quezon P35 + P5 per km + P5 more than 10kg
Non-fast food Delivery   P30
Grocery   P50 + P30 / 30 mins.
Subdivision delivery   P10

Having 13 riders and four admins, they have limited number of workers to supply the needs of their customers compared to more than 8,000 likes of their page who knows their type of service, but they still move onto their feet and keep their wheels rolling to serve many Lucenahins with their needs.

You do not need to live in the capital city to enjoy the convenience technology bring them, technology is something that is spread all over the world you just need a wild imagination over things and believe in yourself that you can do whatever walls the society might build for you.