The L resurrection


The Luzonian had been inactive for a year and a half. Its last broadsheet release was back in 2013, Dael magazine was in 2012, and the newsletter, Andamyo (the literary folio), and Envergan (the foundation magazine) came out two academic years away.New faces and old newshounds constituted this year’s Editorial Board and staff faced with the challenge to revive and re-establish the guts and glory The Luzonian used to be identified with. The road to resurrection was not easy given the fact that the new set of writers and editorial board were only assembled in the latter part of October. At the end of the semester, the challenge is to deliver a physical broadsheet to its stakeholders.

Nights became extensions of days. Editorial board meetings and press work went on till dawn. A bunch of apprentices offered their helping hands. Some staff and apprentices disappeared. Only a handful struggling souls were left. But the heart of the publication lies with the commitment burning from the passion of those who chose to stay and be part of the challenge. Their spirit was driven by accepting the challenge to bring back The Luzonian that the student body truly deserves.

The fact that you are now holding this broadsheet is a joyous proof that we’re finally resurrected and an optimistic outlook that you’ll soon be holding other issues that we’ll soon be working hard for.

To all of those who doubted, this broadsheet is for you. For all the dreamers, keep the faith. To God be the glory!

This success would not have been possible without the passionate commitment of the hardworking staff, apprentices, and editorial board. We truly thank the guidance of our technical advisers, and help from our alumni, OSA director, and VPs for Academics and Research and External Relations. Today, as you hold a copy of this broadsheet, The Luzonian truly extends its gratitude to the men and women behind this resurrection.