The Fault in Our Stars


People invest in order to gain, of course. In investments, there are two different types of investors – those who are risk takers and those who are risk-averse. Risk takers seize the moment and grab potential opportunities faster than risk-averse people. On the contrary, risk-averse people plan and opt to choose “safer” investments.

Life presents us a bounty of opportunities and a whole lot more of challenges — avenues where we can invest with chances to gain. Some of us believe in destiny. Others are led towards the thinking that we create our own destinies. The game of pondering lives on. We have our own perspectives and standpoints as to what we think define our future.

I believe we all come to a point of confusion and disparity among the things that we want and those that society compels us to do. Questions such as “why do we need to take the course” nagged us during the first day of classes. Another pre-sem introduction musts were “What are your dreams?, “What do you expect?” and “What do you look forward to?”

When I attended Euthenics, my professor required us to view a film called the Law of Attraction. And from then on, the things that I wanted and dreamed about fell into place. Things seemed to fall in the proper perspective at the same time. The secret? It’s all in the mind.

The Law shared that “You become what you think about most” and that “Thoughts become things.” So, the easy way towards your dreams is through focusing your mind on what you want. This entails careful choice of thoughts. “You create your own universe as you go
along.” It imparted three simplified steps to bring you closer to your goals: 1) Ask for what you want. 2) Answer. 3) Receive.

If you will think about the Law of Attraction, you can be skeptical about it. Of course, most of us won’t bet on a 100% accuracy that the Law of Attraction really brings you to a 100% precise version of what you envisioned. Doubt will always be doubt. Although actual examples keep testifying that it’s really effective, the results may vary.

I had been thinking about this mantra for some time. Yes, things happen as envisioned. Accomplishments come in. Maybe someone else also does theirs, making life constantly present its deal of twists and turns that will catch you off guard, colliding with
what you want.

I had my own share of ups and downs. My low points even led me to pause studying for sometime and made me wonder and question my prior decisions. I think we all have our own stories to tell of how hard our failures and mishaps tried to overturn our dreams and visions. Indeed, there are trying times that would make you question your decisions, or much worse, your competence. Little by little, you tend to doubt yourself and what you can do. And in these instances, where’s the Law of Attraction anyway?

The Law of Attraction is in one’s mentality. We are in this mental battlefield of raging against pressures and stress, and rising every time we fall. As I am close to this heaven called “graduation,” years of learning tend to materialize and haunt your soon-to-be
“welcome to adulting”.

The beauty of the trek towards your destiny is not the destination per se, it’s how you enjoyed the long and challenging journey to reach it. As students, we encounter trials on a daily basis. Little or intense, we try to get lessons from them. We try to squeeze the possibilities that we can wring out of those experiences.

You won’t even guess that something you hate or once brought you to your darkest days might be the very thing that will bring you closer to your much sought-after happiness.

Try to tap the opportunities present. In your own pacing, it’s not really about being risk-averse or being a risk taker. It’s about having the accountability to face your challenges and being a better person out of it because you’ll never discover the beauty of winning or losing unless you give it a shot. Always have a mind that’s willing to learn and a heart that’s ready to be compassionate to people around you.

The fault in our stars is our story to align. It’s not for others to rewrite ours. It’s not for them either to dictate how we align ours. We all have our own share of ups and downs; and yours won’t ever be comparable to mine, and vice versa.

We might not be omniscient enough to determine whether it’s destiny that’s been making us or it’s us making destiny. We might wonder if the Law of Attraction really works its magic or not. But as a fighter in this mental battlefield, we have the guts to give it a good fight.
Like a phoenix, rise from the ashes. Invest, in order to gain :). For giving up on the challenge is like absconding.

And that is the fault in most of our stories.