The dragon must be awakened; Huawei to step up its software game


After a Google pulls off Huawei android license, Huawei, however, needs to step up its game especially on software, making their own OS and infrastructure and not depend on Google’s infrastructure.

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei has been in a tumultuous day previously as President Trump declared a national emergency to ban the sales and all the trades to US companies because of the alleged risks to the US national security.

In one of the articles published in South China Morning post, Huawei has been under scrutiny around the world amid concerns its technologies and products could be used for espionage by Beijing.

The loss of Android

Being one of the largest producers of smartphones who sold 203 million phones last year, from 150 million in 2017, overtaking Apple to threaten Samsung for being the top of the global charts according to the data tracking firm Gartner.

And vast number of devices of Huawei is running the Android OS meaning that a large portion of its consumer portfolio will be affected.

I am a Huawei user, what might change?

After the loss of Huawei to the android license, Huawei might not have access to Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive, Waze and other services and apps included in the Android Operating System.

Google and Huawei clarified that it will not affect the existing Huawei phone holders, but will be expected to experience issues on updates, so if you are a Huawei user expecting for Android Q or Android Pie maybe it’s time to give up.

The rise of the dragon.

For the future mobile devices that will be manufactured and produced by Huawei it can use the Android Operating System under the public license.

However, Huawei previously stated that they had plan B and is believed by experts to dominate the future, and that Google just gave Huawei a wake-up call to create their own infrastructure.

Huawei has been working on their own OS – their plan B since 2008, and it’s likely being developed since the future day.

On the other side, having their own OS will be a great future for Huawei and this will be a great opportunity for them to be completely independent and shock the world, because Huawei is currently depending on Android on powering their devices.

Now the challenge for Huawei is that software is not their strongest suit, so they need to level up their game on producing software and their own OS.