The Box for the Competitive Minds

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Bunch of players. A stack of game consoles. Luxurious cushions. These are thoughts that immediately come to mind when we hear something about ‘game.’ let alone “game box”. But the experience is entirely different at Gamebox Bistro Lounge situated on Ruby St. Pleasantville Subdivision, Lucena City.

Greeted by the friendly interior, gamers are nowhere to be found. Instead, the patrons are from all ages involving families and barkadahan.

With the rise of technology and online games, board games have taken the back seat in the past decade. Instead, the bistro, promotes personal bonding experience through stacks of board games for kids to adults’ lining up at the right side of the lounge. Indeed, passing time is an easy task when you wait for them to serve your food.

The bistro is the perfect place to reminisce your childhood while playing board games like Monopoly, Jenga, Uno, Giant Uno, Snakes and Ladders, What Do You Meme, scrabbles, dominoes, bingo, and a lot more.

More so, a wide array of sumptuous yummies can be picked while playing these board games such as rice meals, pasta, milkshakes, milk teas, burgers, finger foods and more.
With the menu prices offered, you surely don’t need to keep a tight rein on your budget. The prices, though, are not student nor ‘biglaang labas’-friendly.

Wooden tables and chairs that are usually seen at picnics dot the bistro. The now-becoming-famous-two-double-deck hub is also present at the left corner where only four people can be accommodated. The pivot point? The lower deck lives up to its bistro name with its game consoles, flat-screen TVs attached to the wall, electricity docks and pile of cushions.

Ideally, Gamebox is for those scheduled night out plans of barkadas. It is mainly designed for people with competitive minds and is always looking for fun. Want to spend a fun time with your family, lovers, and buddies?

Being the first gaming bistro in the city, it surely is a must-try! So, what are you waiting for? Gamebox is waiting for your playful spirit and hungry tummies!
Come and experience a different kind of bonding at Gamebox, the perfect place for children and the child-like.

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