Sweating out to keep fit


“If there were a drug that could do for human health everything that exercise can, it would likely be the most valuable pharmaceutical ever developed.” – Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky

Summer gives us a lot of time. Even as the beaches beckon us, the break from work induces us to sleep and just lie listlessly in the oasis we call bed. But complacency softens survival skills. Soon, students would have to brace the scorching classrooms yet again, and they will find themselves unable to swim in the quicksands of difficult exams and the paper chase.
Hence, we exercise to keep fit and mentally sharp.

When we jog, our mind clears, rids itself of stress and gets stronger. We give it more power to push us a lot further. Like the kilograms, the pressure our mind can take increases. This stretches our mental capacity and leads us to be more productive, creative and inquisitive.
First of all, physical exercise increases our willpower. Studies have shown that those who do regular aerobic exercise easily withstand tempting sedentary activities. Actions such as watching TV, sitting on the couch and playing with smartphone apps that distract us from doing more productive tasks are shoved aside when we run, jog or do gym work. With exercise, we discipline ourselves. And along with the triggering of various brain chemicals which boost inhibitory control, the routines manifest in different aspects of our habits. It soon urges us to undertake more strenous activities. Thus, doing time-consuming, mental, yet productive tasks such as reading and writing gives us more fun and more meaning.

Secondly, exercise also improves our emotional states. Whenever we experience a heartbreaking goodbye, or get shoved by gossiping fake friends, we let sadness and anger rule over us as we remain lying in the dustbin of our emotions. This is very impractical, especially when facing huge piles of paperwork and other challenges. The mind languishes somewhere but with stronger emotional resilience, we become impervious to bad experiences. Exercise gives us the ability to gain more self-control to tackle everything that can go wrong.

Ultimately, physical exercise sharpens the way we think. We may not be aware of it, but different chemicals in our heads direct whether we see something as boring or exciting. An hour of sweating seems to be a drag for ordinary people. However, a physically buff person sees the gym as a peaceful place, one which allows him to stretch his muscles while listening to some meditation music. The way we perceive things affects our lives. After all, we base our decisions on how we view things, and these decisions can change the lives of many people. Exercise plays with these brain chemicals. As a result, our brain becomes healthier and sharper.

We can never underestimate the benefits of exercise. Not only does it boost the muscles in our abs, it also strengthens our minds cognitively and emotionally. And now that summer is at its peak, time is of the essence. We should leave the oasis that is bed and start jogging. In the end, we should not be contented to stare at the world as it goes by. Let us sweat our way to be healthy and mobile. And when the heat gets to our limbs, we can always head for the shower and wash the grime of our bodies. And we’re on top of of the world.