START SMART: EU’s first SHS Entrepreneurial Bazaar


It had been early in the morning, but something unusual was already budding in the middle of the AEC Quadrangle. The classes resumed as usual, but dozens of students were piled up in the area having no clue to its purpose.

Finally, the crowd starts building up and the music starts blasting. Tents and booths are slowly coming into place. The tension is building up among the Senior High students and their advisers who were lined up at the entrance. The ribbon was finally cut, and the first START SMART Bazaar has commenced.

This year’s START SMART Bazaar was formulated by the professors of the College of Arts and Sciences as a way to not only bring up a fun event that will teach these students the value of managing their businesses wisely but also as a means for them to fulfill their final requirements as well.

Twenty-six sections of the Senior Highschool program have participated in the said bazaar. Not only were the booths adorned with different designs that match the personality of their respective motifs, but the welcoming smile that the students were as well.

Most of the booths feature the normal student comfort food including sweets, burgers, the usual kakanin and much more creative concoctions that everyone surely liked.

The activity also includes a video promotion contest that was part of the competition as well. The participants have posted these promotional contents, but one particular contestant had caught the eye of its target audience well. The video “Isnubul” was meant to promote the ever so popular Filipino snack which are snowballs. It was a parody of the song “Siomai Rice” and is filled with funny antics that have made it meme material and was shared hundreds of times by students.

All in all, both the students and the faculty involved had declared the event to be successful. Everybody went home tired, but smiles were plastered on their faces even at the duration where they were under the scorching heat. It was a sure guarantee that this will not be the last you’ll see of this wonderful event.