Ryu: The cozy feel of the city


A newly risen café situated in the heart of the city is Ryu Pub x Bistro, a Lucena branch originating from Lucban Quezon. At first glance from the outside, Ryu looks like those usual café-like feels with its line of cupcakes, cashier with espresso machines, cutesy and chic-like interior with a makeshift stage at the center for performances. Nothing new, right? But we should always bear in mind that cafés are made to be tweaked.

Is that bad? No. When you step inside the café it will give you a Manila-feel like ambience with the interior’s luxury. Everything seems to be organized-but-we-are-playing-messy interior giving off artsy-craftsy cozy vibes. At first, you will be really impressed but at the back of your head it’s just a normal cafélike bistro with a well-planned out interior. But that is until you discover what’s upstairs.

The 2nd floor shows off themed-contemporary-vintage-like subparts greeted by an indoor garden-themed set. On the left side from the stairs is a set of table with a bookshelf giving study-area vibes followed by a couple of blue one-seater couches between a wood table. On the right corner is a mini-function hall.

Furthermore, an imposing big chair probably designed for intimate conversations with homey-like vibes followed by themed park space where there are three tables of Snow White with their cutesy form parallel to a makeshift platform housing four round tables where you have to take off your shoes to sit.

(I would love it better though if there are fishes to massage your feet for a soothing feel). Nonetheless, Ryu is simply spectacular. A café not withstanding the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”