Reinventing Foundation Week activities


The celebration of the71st  Founding Anniversary of our dear institution was one of the most awaited events in the University. Different events were held and they helped the students in different ways like improving their talents and skills in the the various cultural genres, speaking, writing and academic competitions and even in beauty pageants.

For sure, the participants are always eyeing victory, prestige and prizes. Every academic department exerts its efforts to win every competition during the Foundation Week.




But during this annual event, do the majority of the students enjoy and really feel the excitement that the celebration brings? If we’re going to talk about the majority, for me, it is a NO.

Whenever I attended a certain event during the Foundation Week, only a small number of students were there watching and enjoying the activities. There must be two reasons. First, the students were in their respective classes, and second, they were not interested in the events and chose to be with their friends playing online games, having a good time outside the University or enjoying other activities that satisfy their wants.

If the reason is that students have their respective classes, then this tradition should be deleted from the University calendar. The administrators should implement a ‘no class policy’ during Foundation Week to give students a chance to participate in and attend and enjoy the activities that are scheduled in the three-day calendar.

The three to five-day events without classes would not bring so much harm in the academic performance of the students. Likewise, this annual celebration should be enjoyed by every student because every Envergan deserves to experience the excitement of the Foundation Week celebration and it can be achieved by being free from the serious academic requirements and joining and having a good time during events scheduled in the week-long festivities.

On the other hand, if the students are not interested in the events, they can choose to do other activities that satisfy their wants rather than attending a certain event during the Foundation Week; it’s their choice. As a famous saying goes, “We cannot please everybody.” At least, they can also enjoy the Foundation celebration in the University.

Based from my observation, only the students who have interests in cultural activities, speaking, writing, academic competitions or beauty pageant enjoy the Foundation Week celebration. But how about the students who don’t enjoy these types of activities? Every Envergan should enjoy the Foundation Week celebration since everyone is paying a hundred pesos for it. Why not also conduct other activities which are not of the competition mode? An activity in which everyone would enjoy – a concert, a rave party, carnival rides or amusement arcades or anything that is different and new in Enverga University’s Foundation celebration, something in which the majority of the Envergans would feel the hype of our institution’s founding anniversary celebration.

The committees of our founding anniversary celebration should not always rely on what we have done in the previous years’ activities. There must be something new that will surprise and make everyone enjoy the Foundation Week, something that will bring excitement to the majority that Envergans deserve.