Redefining beauty: Diversity is the new sexy


Charlene Claire Cacao is a real queen. Standing at four feet ten, the College of Business and Accountancy’s very first Ambassador of Diversity is a walking daydream. Delicately sculpted and intellectually gifted, she exudes warmth and elegance like no other. Sashaying exquisitely on the school’s floor, she proves that she – whether with a crown on her head or books on her arms – is indeed CBA’s next big star.

With hair cascading just above her shoulders, it is easy to assume that Charlene is your typical girl next door – cute, smart, mannered. But she proves that true beauty isn’t one that simply satiates society’s standards. What makes someone extremely sexy is the openness to accept and respect the things that make us unique and as crowned Ambassador, she truly lives up to it.
“My advocacy as an Ambassador of Diversity is accepting people for who they are. We should not mold them into someone else but instead, we should understand our differences.”

The Grade 12 Accounting, Business and Management student who had blossomed into a refined lady, was emboldened by her mother to join the pageant. “I want to make her see that who I am now, is because of her. She does a lot of things to make life beautiful for me. She is a great mother.”

Charlene’s road to success, while not herculean in a way, was not an easy process. The lass has had to borrow clothes from friends to be worn in different segments of the event. Her preparatory measures also included immersing herself in articles relevant to the issues of diversity and talking to friends about their ideas of a diverse society.

Supporting uniqueness, Charlene shared that the best way she could inspire others to do the same is by engaging through her social media accounts where most teenagers are. She is also to join the CBA faculty in their Community Extension Services for communities in need.

Amid the gaiety of her success, she showed gratitude to the people who supported her in her journey. “I appreciate the people who were and weren’t there but still supported me. I am very thankful to my teachers, classmates, and family who assisted me from the very beginning.”

“The most beneficial aspect of diversity and inclusion is that we are able to share our point of views with one another; there is no judgment when we share and when we speak because we are accepted for who we are and not for who they want us to be.” This answer captured the hearts of the audience and allowed Charlene to take home the crown. But greater than any prestigious title in the world, Charlene knows that we could create the extraordinary out of the ordinary by freeing ourselves of stereotypes, prejudice, and injustice.