Professionalism X Service


The University has organized numerous activities to hone its studentry to their full potentials. But most essentially, we think that one of the best things we have here is breeding the value of volunteerism in the hearts of the students.

The University has made a mark in educating and training students. Over the years, its alumni have established their presence in both the public and private sectors. Many have become captains of industry and leaders of their professions. Education that we have here is top of the line. Faculties and the programs are at their finest. But the most remarkable achievement that MSEUF has achieved is imparting and growing the value of volunteerism in the hearts of the students. Without this, all the other greatness take a back seat.

All departments, even the student organizations, have their community extension services (CES). The College of Business and Accountancy’s (CBA) lecture series is just one example. Accounting students share their knowledge in basic accounting to high school students and CBA professors to small businessmen. The College of Computer Studies (CCS)’ Cyber ESkwela is also extending teaching service on-the-go to different communities. They teach basic computer knowledge to communities. This November, students and faculties collaboratively taught Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Excel to children of 4Ps parent leaders.

The beauty of the concept behind sharing the knowledge is that the knowledge that students acquire in the University transcends its walls. The things they had imparted inspire people to take a leap and explore the wonders of entrepreneurship and empowerment.
As part of the community we’re in, we become social actors in making a better society. As an academic institution, we create legacies. More importantly, the University and its departments breed professionals steeped in service. Hand-in-hand, we are creating catalysts of positive change. Little by little, we are transforming and creating a better society.