Party in the Pride


Paws pivoted toward the sky. Claws spread out in jubilation. Lions love a great celebratory roar as scholars of their own savannas. These are what the majestic cats of the College of Business and Accountancy are best known for – fearless intellect and an unwavering desire for fun; simple enough to remember; extraordinary enough to set the CBA Fiesta as the creme de la creme of all CBA jubilees.

The CBA Fiesta could easily be the most momentous event in the department’s calendar. Tracing its roots back in 2000 under the deanship of Dr. Jose Lamberto Atienza+ the CBA Fiesta has grown into an annual tradition in homage to the patron saint of the department – San Lorenzo Ruiz. Progressing as the years went by, this celebration has been imbued with the core values of the College and its passion for excellence.

On the 27th of September this year, the CBA Fiesta was dressed up as a glamorous debutante: it screamed in a multitude of festive colors, from the brightest of reds to the warmest of blues; it had decorated booths in every corner and was showered with activities relevant to its 18th year of spontaneity.

Themed “Diversity and Inclusion” for 2018, the celebration began with a Thanksgiving Mass officiated by Fr. Ramil Esplana, University chaplain, and was attended by ABM and college students to show how grateful they are that the Almighty has blessed that day free of worries for a joyful event. This solemnity did not last for long as the mass was immediately followed by a dazzling band performance of trendy songs that filled the famished hearts of the students.

Perfectly timed to stimulate the minds in the morning, the RBA Lecture Series – another CBA tradition named after the late Dean Rodolfo B. Abadilla, the department’s very first dean, gave students the opportunity to bask in the brilliance of Ms. Maria Isabel O. Granada and Mrs. Cielo Presas as they talked about the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the business arena. On the other hand, the afternoon variety show that took place in the alumni hall showcased the marvelous talents of the CBA students and gave each participant the freedom to express themselves.

What made this year’s CBA Fiesta iconic and unforgettable is when it gave birth to the very first Search for the Ambassador of Diversity on the 2nd of October. Unlike traditional beauty pageants of the department, this search was made for students who embrace a kind of wisdom that encompasses different fields, respects and accepts differences, and advocates change within the community.

“Try to be a better version of yourself”, said Ms. Raisa Marizka Ver, one of the advisers, as a message to CBA students, a message that has earned more weight and relevance today to encourage students to reach their best potential. At the end of the CBA Fiesta, the kings and queens of the jungle showed their best moments: proving that CBA students study hard, but they definitely party harder.