Panganiban saves CCLE from near collapse against CME


With fizzy 11 seconds on the ceiling, Estelito Panganiban managed to escape guards and finger rolled a death-defying two points for the CCLE Raptors in a close fight against the CME Krakens in the Intramurals basketball tournament, Oct. 18.

Before the game-changing 11 seconds, the Krakens chased the 83-85 two-point advantage of the Raptors as Jirecho Martinez pushed his way beyond the arc and produced a three-pointer for the Krakens forcing the Raptors in a time-out.

Panganiban then created a way to the hoop, destroying the Krakens’ defense and sealed the game at 87-86.

“Our defense collapsed when Panganiban eluded his guard in the crossover.” James Dann Domingo, captain of the Krakens, said.

Domingo and Martinez produced threes and led the Krakens up to the third quarter as the Krakens ruled the three quarters.

The Raptors enhanced their rotation and defensive strategies but the strategy was still not good enough for the team to take the lead until the third quarter.

Displaying crisp offense and defense on both ends of the hardcourt, the Krakens punished and created a 7-point deficit for the Raptors at the end of halftime.

Coming back from the doldrums, the Raptors discovered ways to come back to the game and sprang a two-point lead in the last minute of the game that retained their basketball dominance in the Intramural Games.