Out with the new, In with the old


Lucena City is no doubt an urbanized place, with most buildings transformed into modernized structures. In the process, it has lost it character. The city’s cultural past has been erased by commerce.

There are remaining vestiges of the glorious past but they are often neglected or relegated to non-priority. One of these is the Tayabas Capitol.

Tayabas Capitol is one of the grandest provincial capitols in the country. It was built in 1908 by a famous American architect, William Parsons, and was reconstructed and expanded in 1929-1930, incorporating the design of Juan Arellano.

The Tayabas Capitol remained a relic for almost 60 years, serving only as office space for some national agencies and as a storage area of government documents. Recently the provincial government took special interest at the historical edifice and initiated the restoration of the provincial Capitol building. The team of Engr. Johnny Pasatiempo, Alberto Bay, Ma. Janet Geneblazo, Carlos Villariba, Eva Palma, Alvin Quezada Paradero and others were tasked by the provincial governor to restore the building to its old splendor.

The goal is to make it look like it used to in the time of Commonwealth President Manuel Quezon. The colors and the details that were lost through time need to be reproduced and replicated.

The plan is to reconstruct not just the exterior of the Capitol but also the interior design. The interior design of the Capitol will be a combination of the old 1930’s design even as the inside part will be made to adapt to the present-day needs of the offices located there.

Once the restoration project is completed, the old Capitol building will house various provincial government offices including the Office of the Governor.