We are slowly dying. We are the murderers. We are the ones who started this all. The world is dying and no one is to blame but us.

While I was walking together with my family and I saw lights from afar, I said, “Tay, ang ganda nung mga ilaw o. Yun yung power plant ‘di ba?” and my father replied, “maganda lang tingnan pero lason sa kalikasan” and that struck me in seconds thinking he was right. We appreciate things not thinking what their effects are on other people, other creatures who also breathe the same air as I do.

“Hakuna Matata” means no worries based on Disney’s The Lion King but if we think this way on the side of conserving our natural resources, how can we save Earth? The time I watched The Lion King and DC’s Wonder Woman opened my eyes to realize how poisoned our Earth is right now. All the wars happening in different countries wrought unhealthy effects not only on innocent people but also on different living things that need attention just as we people do.

Based on feature stories in the National Geographic, dozens of species are likely to go extinct each day but none of us know and care about it. I am not a nature slash scientific guru that know everything about conserving natural resources but one thing is for sure, in my own little way, I know where the trash should be placed and being involved in little environmental actions like this can create a movement.

A video from Facebook featuring a girl that went viral for months now shows her 5-year trash fitting into a mason jar. Projects concerned about water pollution eliminate trash from the ocean and a “carbon ink” converts carbon gunk from vehicles into a pigmented ink for drawing artworks. These simple projects and movements continually prove that we can make a move, make our little positive difference. Such actions attest that a person and their simple acts can make a stand for the environment and create global ripples for conservation.

Earth was given to us and we need to protect species that first blinked their eyes in this world. Have you ever thought if you deserve the life you are living in this precious masterpiece? Earlier this year, the doomsday clock was moved closer to midnight, warning the world that it is as close to catastrophe in 2018 as it has ever been, according to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

These may be predictions that need further studies, but we cannot deny that this is the reality. As Diana Prince or Wonder Woman herself says, “it’s not about deserve, it’s about what you believe,” we can start believing that we ourselves can save our planet.
So get off your feet and reduce carbon footprints. Walk and run – don’t ride. Reduce trash.
See what happens.