Ms. Enverga, A Beauty Embodying Excellence


“I will embody excellence by doing my best, giving my heart out, and giving in everything that I have in everything that I do in the name of the university.”

That is the answer which secured Immanuel Espiritu this year’s Miss Enverga crown, after being asked about what she will do to share the university’s Legacy of Excellence.

The IGSR’s bet in Miss Enverga 2018 has been a firm believer of the youth, and this drove her to join the pageant. “Having the opportunity to compete is a privilege enough, but it would be an honor to gain the influence allowing people to see that the youth of today is our future, our next generation leaders.”

Because of this, she advocated mental health awareness, an issue which can unlock the hidden potential of individual youth. “In studying, mental health is as important as being physically fit, for one can be physically present, but mentally absent. Many are losing these unseen battles in students’ minds.”

Amid her success in the pageant, she is very grateful for those who supported her along the way. In Facebook, she posted, “Thank you for everyone who supported and stood by my side. You know how much painful and suddenly joyful the journey has been, both the passing of my father and the winning of the crown have touched both extremes of my emotions. I am out of words to express my gratitude for all you’ve said and done. It’s kind of confusing to grieve and rejoice, and hard to process it. But praise be to God for giving me people who will pray and remain. You all know who you are, I love you guys, you rock.”

Even before her victory, she praised the significance of her stay here in the University. “My stay in the university is the embodiment of what quality education is… grounded with research. It is both a challenge and a fulfillment of man’s endless entity for knowledge. It quenches the thirst of curiosity, and feeds it with facts and concepts that ultimately lead to values.”

Immanuel stands down-to-earth, with others describing her as “someone with a good heart.”

She truly appreciates beauty, as she loves music, and is able to play drums, guitar and bass.

Most importantly, however, she adores the uniqueness of every person. For her, “True beauty surpasses all physicality and standard; it is displayed by the purity of the soul and heart.”

She stands firm in her belief that each of us is beautiful and wonderfully created by God. “We have the power to be the catalyst of the change we desire.”

Because of this potential, she encourages everyone to live life full of hope. “I want to spread the message that ‘you are not alone, we’ll fight alongside you, you are loved, you are affirmed, you are accepted, and your life is worth living. You are not born here just to die; you have a purpose. Take our hand and live.’”