Maroon and White’s Guide to find your ‘Forever’


It’s been everyone’s dream to find their “forever”. We all feel loss and love at some points in this chase for ‘forever’. But it’s good to hear stories that “forever” really does exist. The L probed some of our real life campus couples to attest that your “the one” might just be right smack where you are.

‘The One’ Might Be Your Research Buddy

Fieldwork and research aren’t that boring, knowing that someone who will be with you forever is there all this time.

Sir PJ and Ma’am Susan De Castro started as research assistants (RA) of the Resource and Ecological Assessment of Tayabas Bay. But before that, they were both student assistants in the University Library and simple greetings “hi” and “hello” became daily staple. Nothing very special.

As time went by, in their RA days, Ma’am Susan had this question in her mind. Why did Sir PJ and a companion need to accompany her to the jeepney terminal every time she headed for home? But the suspicion that there was more to it was camouflaged by Sir PJ’s great sense of humor. He turned everything into a joke that Ma’am Susan was hard put to believe that he really felt “something” for her. It took a year for Sir PJ, to convince Ma’am Susan that behind the laughter and the jokes was a heart beating for her. The relationship flourished for three years that made the couple decide that they had something precious and finally decided to settle down and start their own family.

Joining the MSEUF family helped nourish their relationship as they traveled and worked together. Problems arose but they solved them together with a spike of humor. They are currently happily living their life, guided by love and understanding and a sense of the absurd. They’ve never let work swamp their family time because both believe that quality time among children is important and should not be neglected.

‘The One’ Might Be Just Around The Corner

It’s very common along classic romance flicks that someone falls for his/her best friend and Sir Larry and Mam Letty’s story is another concrete example of that. So if you’re wondering that your best friend will not be your lover, think again.

Another student assistant love story has been developed as Sir Larry and Ma’am Letty became one’s apple of another’s eyes. They are both student assistants in the university’s auditing department. Bestest of friends as they treat each other knowing that Ma’am Letty is three years older than Sir Larry, she hasn’t thought that their relationship will develop into a romantic love.

No one could imagine that their relationship will bloom into the most romantic one until a Valentine’s Day will pass again and Sir Larry asked for help from Ma’am Letty in buying flowers. On that time Ma’am Letty has set into her mind that the flower they will buy is for a girl Sir Larry was courting that time, but the wind has blown and those flowers were for Ma’am Letty all this time.

The time they were in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship was shorter than the time they were both best of friends. This best friend-lover relationship helped a lot in maintaining the fire of love as they take the higher step in their relationship because they knew the flaws and intricacies of each personality. Problems are solved easier, knowing each other in every detail.

As time passed by, Enverga University helped their relationship to be stronger than ever as their children have finished their studies in the University and now stepping world-class excellence as they took their professional jobs outside the country. Nothing could ever change how thankful they are that the benefits they have been enjoying are reflected their children, seeing into the eyes of happiness.

‘The One’ Might Be That Kiddo You Ignore In Elementary

First love never dies, but true love buries it alive. Y’all know this line but Ma’am Rose and Sir Jun’s love story will prove that quote. They have known each other since they are in their sixth grade. But fun fact, Sir Jun is not Ma’am Rose’s first love nor her ideal guy, but if the heart talks for you, you cannot deny the feeling and the wind of fate and destiny will prove their existence.

As Sir Jun needs to pursue his bachelor’s degree in the Philippine Military Academy, they need to part ways. At the time Sir Jun is in the 5th year of his studies, he traveled back to the province to continue his bachelor’s degree, Ma’am Rose is then employed as the university president’s secretary.

Being together hasn’t been easy, there may be problems arising and all of those were solved with each other by their side. It is something that everyone have dreamed of, happily together, having to unwind once in a while, setting dates to talk about how their week have been through. It may be simple yet romantic. Before they head outside the university, they wanted to share a legacy, that having Mr. and Mrs. Rago will never be the same again once they’ve left and enjoy their life outside the campus.

Sir Jun’s personality of being protective and a good provider are the qualities that made Ma’am Rose’s heart skip a beat. As they stepped together in Enverga University they support one another in all undertakings and they have enjoyed the benefits of holding the hands of their children to the path of excellent education.

‘The One’ Might Be That Person You Friendzoned

Time will never be a barrier if she is truly the one and will be your only one.

Both student assistants in the College of Computing and Multimedia Studies (College of Computer Studies back then) when Sir Hupert and Ma’am Jori Pasno hi and hello had started their story. On their college days, Sir Hupert has this question on his mind if he can have Ma’am Jori’s hand to hold but Ma’am Jori refused for some reasons.

But that rejection hasn’t been the end of their love story, if you really love someone you will do anything, wait even if it will take hours, days, weeks, months or even years, and understand things in their respective places.

After 10 years (yes, 10 long years), Sir Hupert again asked Ma’am Jori to hold her hand but this time, in the sweetest form of surprising her in her birthday. Courting her only took two (2) months and the sweetest yes have been heard, another two (2) months have passed when they took the higher step of their relationship. They have been blessed by two little bambinos who became their strength and reason why they will never let go of one another’s hand, love can be eternal and it is the sweetest achievement of a person’s life.

Enverga University has helped them sustain their lives through their work being both regular employees. Hold a hand and never let go because love will be the stickiest glue in the world.

‘The One’ Might Be That Person Who’s Unofficially Officially Yours

“Tayo pero hindi tayo” is this familiar? For Ma’am May and Sir Zoren Alcantara, it’s somewhat where their story started.

As student assistants (SA) in the university library, they have been the content of love jokes on the SA’s corner. Using magnets for them to be attracted to each other, a love is being formed but the world doesn’t give them permissions.

At the time Sir Zoren is in his freshman year, he has a girlfriend studying in the other town so the ‘tayo’ will not be granted. As long-distance relationship has this small amount of surviving, a text message from Sir Zoren was then received by Ma’am May telling her that he and his girlfriend have let their hearts apart. Ma’am May was wondering why does he need to tell her that matter? After some time when the water cools, they had this mutual understanding that they liked each other but at some point, Ma’am May knew that Sir Zoren has a girlfriend and Ma’am May taught they had this ‘kami’, but she was wrong. After three (3) months, that relationship did not last and Ma’am May is on her rescue to pick up the pieces of Sir Zoren’s heart. Be careful of Ma’am May’s sword and shield as she is sometimes becoming Diana Prince of Wonder Woman, kidding aside, as their relationship foster only a week when Sir Zoren courted Ma’am May.

In the cold breeze of Christmas and the spirit of gift giving, Ma’am May gave her ‘yes’ as a Christmas gift to Sir Zoren. Their boyfriend-girlfriend relationship lasted for six (6) loving years and they’re thankful that Enverga University became the witness of their love story, as they have grown together in front of the eyes of the university.


There might be many sorts of where to find your “the one”. You might look around and found yours or might wait for years before “forever” materialize. But in this search for love, always have a happy heart ready to embrace the happy thoughts and perils to find the love you truly deserve.