“Believe that you can. Dreams do come true.”

Dreaming is a passport to one’s objective. This had been this person’s mantra in reaching the zenith of her success as an educator.

Her humble beginnings started when she finished college at the University of the Philippines Los Baños with a degree in BS Development Communication in 1995. She was among the pioneers of the academic organization, UP Alliance of Development Communication Students (UP ADS).  She graduated from the University in 1999. UPLB has fully equipped her with the tools she needed in order to ace the corporate world. But most importantly, it was where she met her greatest life tool, her husband and soon-to-be father of her children who’s also a UPLB student (Veterinary Medicine) to be exact.

She used to dream working in the metropolitan, particularly in advertising jobs. But her drive was diverted in another calling: education. She took her master’s degree in Public Affairs at UPLB but shifted to MAEd English in Enverga University where she  now teaches. To continually grow in the field of education, she


pursued her doctorate studies in Reading Education at Philippine Normal University (PNU).

Propelling herself in developing her career was not easy. Her road to finishing her PhD was not easy; it was totally difficult given the fact that she was balancing her priorities and responsibilities as a teacher, a wife and a mother. Eradicating a task in her to-do-list is indeed a struggle.

In improving her career, she tried her best to sustain everyday attendance in her classes. Preparing her materials and class activities is another story of struggle. Continuous research and attending trainings must also be done to continually develop her methods and her style of teaching. She remarked that the hardest part of developing her career was to finish the doctorate degree against all odds. The burden of putting herself through studies was intense.

She shared that students must not always choose the easy way out. Difficult roads might bring you many challenges. Time will test you through. You will go through hardship and you might even lose yourself in the middle but the reward lies in the end. You will see that you’re a far better version of yourself. You will see that you’re an improved individual fortified by the challenges that shaped you into your development. The easy way out is easy but the development it brings one is also less. More gains might compel more struggles but you should not settle for less.

As for her fellow professors that are also aspiring to reach their ideals as educators, she likewise advises not to settle on what you have now. Always push yourself to the limits. Believe that you can achieve more. An educator is a person of limitless potentials. Educators shape the minds of their students. They also incite learning. They are guides of students to their future endeavors. But personally, educators must also shape themselves as individuals, continually learn and guide themselves to reach their full potentials.

These words of inspiration had been this educator’s anchor in dreaming and working for her objectives. Her struggles had already paid off. She’s now reaping the fruits of her labor as she was awarded 2016 Outstanding Faculty of the Year. She emerged from the selection’s tight process from the demo teaching, interview and deliberation as adjudged from a professor’s education, community service involvement and research with flying colors.

She’s now at the apex of her success as an educator. But she’s not wishing to be part of the administration, it’s actually not the position that she’s aspiring for. She’s rooting to stay efficiently and effectively as a classroom teacher. To win the hearts of her students and become part of the successful metamorphosis of her students is her goal. The power and responsibility to become part of a student’s development as a person is the best part of becoming an educator.

She looks forward to sustaining the balance of being a transformative educator, a devoted wife, and a nurturing mother. She is Maria Azela Tamayo, 2016 Outstanding Faculty of the Year.