KATAGA-Lucena welcomes new Envergan writers


Kataga Lucena had finally confirmed six of our fellow Envergans as full-pledged members on September 16.

After years long of hiatus, Kataga Lucena, a local chapter of the nationwide organization consisting of writers and artists is delighted to accepts Carmela Miranda, Joy Vencel Osela, Kevan Muzares (BS Psychology), Ariana Julia Tadiosa (ABCommunication), (BS Civil Engineering) and Martha Betina Tamayo (Senior High School-ABM track) in the group.

These students have trained in their respective genres (poetry, short stories, essays, flash fictions and scripts)which includes writing workshops and activities through the course of more than six months starting on March 10.

One member in particular, Joy Vencel Osela, was chosen to be one of the fellows on the last Palihang Rogelio Sicat on May this year.

The members are currently active in taking part of the group’s advocacy, which is to promote the artistic and literary scene in our locality.