How to be a Lodi


We all play different roles in our lives: as a student, as a child to our parents, as an organization member, or as a dreamer. The different roles that we play entail responsibilities. Part of the role playing job is to balance all of the roles that you play. There will come a time that you’ll feel that odds are going against you. Actually, that’s part of the training of becoming a lodi.

It’s really hard to strike a balance between priorities. As I have mentioned, the odds are not always in our favor. Flexibility is the key. Long-term planning is important. But more than the planning, it’s the guts and perseverance to win  against the odds that makes a plan successful. If you’re not that type of person who opts to plan, that is fine. Just take the flow and ride the waves. You see, people sometimes miss the fact that all of us are different from one another. So whatever advice people try to give you, those pieces of advice might not work on you. So the best thing to do is to educate yourself from others but always make those nuggets of advice your personal brand. Make your own story.

Assessing one’s strength and weaknesses is a plus…it makes you gauge what you can and what you cannot do. Develop what you can and keep believing that the line between what you can and what you cannot do is just a leap of faith. Be brave to take on challenges. Be brave to try the things that you thought you cannot do. Do not let fear take away your keys to opportunities.

In this way to become a lodi, there could be tough times trying to test you. People around you might be hard on you. You too, can be hard on yourself. But do not live on with the hatred, yes, it can be motivational but it’s not easy on the nerves. Choosing what things to remember is also a good thing. Keep negative thoughts out of your mind and positive thoughts in practice. This is very hard to practice in reality but just keep on trying. It’s worth it.

There are also God-given blessings in the persona of the people around you. Show them that you care genuinely. Value their presence. Spend time with them. You should keep in mind that life holds an hourglass and you’re completely unaware of its turns. Cherish every moment. Have fun. Live well. No matter how short life is, live it well.

Telling people is easy. You can just put positive thoughts into words. But living it in practice is the harder thing. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to practice what you preach. But it’s sufficient that you try. So the best suggestion, I think, to become a lodi is to try to believe that you are, and you can do it in your own special and unique ways. So, I think that the first step in becoming one, and most importantly is to believe in your best instrument — yourself — and your capacity to have faith in what you do. Let’s live well and be our own lodi in our own special way.