Faculty’s new guy


A new heartthrob from the faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences: quick-witted, handsome and funny – who’s your bet?

I guess you can’t go wrong with this one: Arby S. Lagman, the Senior High School Teacher I, who causes floods of confession in social media from his adoring students.

Sir Arby finished cum laude in the Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science program last year in the University. He has been a consistent figure in the dean’s list and roll of academic scholars.

During his University days, he was an active student leader. He was the President of the MSEUF Graduating Class 2017 and overall committee head of the University Collegiate Student Council SY 2016-2017. He even took the presidential posts of CAS League of Quizzers, MSEUF Research Club, and MSEUF English Club.

More than leadership, he also works for the welfare of his fellow Envergans and outsiders through his active volunteerism in the various community services programs of the College of Arts and Sciences fostering environmental awareness.

His passion for excellence and community service has paid off as he garnered various recognitions. Some of those that he got during his undergraduate years were Enverga University’s Most Outstanding Organization President of 2016 and one of the Top 20 National Finalists in the Search for Jose Rizal Model Students of the Philippines 2016.

He was also recognized as one of the Ten Outstanding Students of Lucena City 2017 (Magik FM Galing Award) and Most Outstanding Achiever in Campus Leadership 2017.

Recently, he was chosen regional awardee for the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) 2017 for the Calabarzon Region. He even advanced as one out of four Region IVA awardees who will compete in the national search. Just recently, he was picked one of the 30 selected for the national finals search.

As a student, balancing his organizational participations, it was not easy for Arby. But in the end, he prevailed over his trials and still managed to rise academically. He graduated with Latin honors but more than his academic awards, the experience he has earned in the process are priceless gems that he cherishes as he starts his professional career.

Now, the poster boy serves the University as a teacher to senior high school students. His accomplishments as a student and now as a national awardee are paths that his students can always look up to.

He is a complete example of how to weigh and balance participating in extra-curricular activities while being great at one’s academics.

This is indeed a struggle that each of us students face. As a student, Arby had already reached the climax of his ideals but as a faculty member, he’s still starting it out.

We are pretty sure that with his attitude and indomitable spirit in developing himself, Arby will soon make a name as an educator.

While Arby Lagman still continues to kick in and make a name enough to inspire his students to take the roller-coaster ride of their own like what he had, and will continue to have, he strives to be a role exemplar to the new kids on the block as he once was.