Diversion Road 2.0


Living in Sariaya, we usually traverse the phenomenal Lucena City Diversion Road whenever we’re off to school or to the Grand Central Terminal. I can fully commiserate with fellow commuters who are often running late because the Diversion Road traffic is simply terrible. It has caused so much hassle for ordinary commuters like us though I know it is much more of a bother for those driving through long lines in the Diversion Road.

In the afternoon, after the 5p.m. mark, most office personnel from the government offices and the private sector converge in a rush to board buses and jeepneys  to the town proper of Lucena City. When the commuters spill out of the offices, the traffic gridlock begins.

Recently, traffic jam intensified due to the ongoing road widening and bridge construction in the area and in almost all municipalities leading to the Lucena Diversion Road.

The latest is the project that spans 419 meters starting from a section of  Dumacaa Bridge ending to Iyam Bridge. Although a new byway going to Lucban and Tayabas was constructed, the constriction stayed.

The construction underway in the Diversion Road is part and parcel of the SLEx Toll Road 4 (SLEx TR4) project. The total project cost is said to hit P13.1 billion, P230 million of which is directed towards the ongoing construction. It is a PPP or Public-Private Partnership with South Luzon Tollways Corp., a unit of San Miguel Corp.

The project is expected to be done by midyear 2018. Despite the current traffic jam, it is a heartening to know that relief will come soon. Version 2 of the diversion road promises to accommodate more vehicles.

Every commuter like me looks forward to the easing of traffic. That would make Diversion Road Version 2 worth the wait.