CME Krakens’ Umali checkmates Gold


Jim Hans Umali successfully cornered and executed six kings, good enough to win the war of the Intramurals Chess Tournament.

Umali shared in an interview with The Luzonian staff, that he spent a long time training for this year’s Intramural Games.

“I really devoted time to train with chess aficionados who are better than I am to gain mastery of the game,“ Umali shared.

Umali ended the war with a 6-1-0 record after losing to his Kraken teammate Er Genesis Zambrona who placed third overall.

Michael Chen Ibanez from the CIHTM Bobcats managed to prolong the life of his king and ended second.

Meanwhile, CBA Lions’ Christine Rivera emerged champion in the Intramural’s chess tournament women’s category.

Meanwhile, Xyreen Zeejay Gonzales (CAFA) and Alleana Joy Merjudio (CNAHS) won silver and bronze, respectively, for women.

The winners, together with the chess varsity, will represent the MSEUF in the inter-school level of the Private Schools Athletic Association Meet.