CAUSE MARKS HISTORY; All nine Cause Party bets win UCSC posts


Despite having an incomplete lineup of candidates, the thirty-two-year-old Coalition for the Advancement and Unity of the Students of Enverga (CAUSE) Party emerged victors sweeeping the recently concluded University Collegiate Student Council (UCSC) Elections, setting history by putting all their nine candidates into office.

According to a source, it was the first time for the CAUSE Party to win by landslide in the UCSC election

“As far as I remember, this is the first time for us, [CAUSE Party] to win all the positions where we have qualified candidates because during the previous years, we always have 2-5 candidates who didn’t make it,” party President Ace Rodson Igloria, stated in an interview.

Patricia Mae Villanueva dominated over Januelyn Micko Macaranas of the Empowered Alliance of Good Leaders of Enverga (EAGLE) Party at the presidential race garnering 1,603 votes over the latter’s 920 votes.

Andrew Salvador won against Kimberly Gutierrez by 134 votes, 1,309 over 1,175 votes for the Secretary-General post.

Princess Mae Amar won as Treasurer with a total of 1,476 votes over Kurt Denenes Yulde’s 1,053 votes.

Emilio Gerard Aranas, on the other hand, was elected Auditor posting 1,417 votes against Janzelle Faye Licardo who managed to get 1,081 votes.

As for the College Representatives, Jeico Padayo won as CME Representative by 147 votes over Willie Andrews Sibayan who only managed to gain 43 votes.

Airish Avila outshined Kim Davis de Leon as CEd Representative with a total of 209 votes over 73.
Amielyn Las Piñas also dominated as CAS Representative gaining 100 votes over Anielyn Capacio’s 37 votes.

Mc. Kinly Revilla won as CBA Representative over Angelyn Liwanag by a 27-vote lead.

Piolo Zapata also got elected into office as the sole CCMS Representative candidate, gaining a total of 158 votes.

Villanueva, the newly-elected UCSC President, said that they could not have made it without their supporters and Envergans who voted for them.

“ We could not have won without the strong support of our most avid supporters, the Alpha Phi Omega and the Honor Society of the Lambda Kappa Phi,” Villanueva said in acknowledgment in a post-election interview.

“We also thank the entire student body for continuously reposing their trust on our brand of leadership for the past three decades. Please be assured that we will not squander this precious trust. We will give back genuine service and relevant projects to the student body, our principal constituents,” Villanueva added.

The EAGLE PArty claimed the other five UCSC positions since CAUSE did not field any candidates for the Vice President, CAFA, CNAHS, CEng, and CCLE Representatives.