Building a better place for justice, peace, and security


by Carmelo Eduardo Mesa and Ysabella Arañas

Transparency and Convenience-These are the factors that most people wanted to see in any government offices anywhere in the country.

Because, why not? Who would love an office space that is too small and crowded to cater much of the people needing their assistance? Simply quoting Transparency and Convenience are the reflection of good governance to the people.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) Station in Lucena City, which is located on the backside of the old city hall building that we commonly see on the heart of the city has been in the existence for more than a decades.

Now under rehabilitation works, the Lucena PNP Station covers 800 square meters in total of its border facilities. By providing prime and importance of the police officers and personnel for decades of years of its long existence, it is the perfect time for it to renovate and upgrade its facilities and innovate it into a trouble-free, faster, and the most convenient or advantageous renovation of it to our highly urbanized city.

It is one being said, “out with the old, and in with the new”. From its different bloody experience of it especially that the police stations facilities is important for our own safety and living the new world full of innovation. it is then being said, from the crumbling head and faces of yesterday’s past, it would raise the new innovative and superior service of the Lucena PNP with suitable peace and order facilities.

On the other hand, The Provincial Office of the Department of Justice, now on its flourishing stage of construction. Located at the back of Lucena City Government Complex, it will soon cater much of the people who are in need of legal assistance, notary public and other legal matters.

Former Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, a native of Mulanay, leads the inauguration of the said building last January 30, 2018. Together with him is Lucena City Mayor Roderick Alcala and the members of the City Council.

Aguirre envisioned of putting a DOJ office in various provinces in the country leads to further extend their primary services to the people, to make it more convenient and economically sustainable, and to lessen also the office transaction that leads to traffic congestion in what the so-called “Imperial Manila”.

Once the DOJ Provincial Office is completed and operational, it will house not only the members of the DOJ’s National Prosecution Service but will also be the future home of the other DOJ-attached agencies in the province like the City Prosecutor’s Office, The Municipal Trial Court, and the likes.