Bellepat: Café in gypsy


Bellepat is the first-ever café in Tayabas dressed in bohemian, alluring its customers with its fancy for industrially crafted and door-recycled tables, cemented benches and stylish chairs, and salted-design lamps at the patio while the inside houses salted lamps and beatnik-comfy interior. The café can be dubbed as instagrammable for its heart, wow and like-worthy charms on social media.

The three-way upbeat design couldn’t be more fitting for people from all walks of life from romantic, barkada and family bonding; and so flock of people continue to visit the place especially on weekends. The concept is to provide relaxation and cooling to its clientele. Bellepat can surely spike the mood with its picturesque.

The menu caters the usual food in café’s and it also fiend for sophistication as its price equates to those of café’s in food-capital cities since the food quality ranges to average – but of course, our taste buds differs, what may be delicious for you won’t be for me and vice versa. Big groups though would be the best idea to save money, but if you’re the type to shrug off the prices under the dust, then you’re good to go.

Bellepat, it goes without saying, sets its pedestal higher for food prices than other diners in the city, being it the first-ever go to café in Tayabas. This is not to discount its rose as it’s time for the city to start to host this kind of businesses; it is just about time.

To boot nonetheless, the café serves milktea as a boost. It’s enough to invite people in, sit and take in the view. Bellepat indulges you to enjoy the ambience it offers. After all, it is a seductress for a café, it will capture you for its beauty and it’s sulit for the price you are paying especially if you’re a café person who’s into aesthetics, taste of different, and winding off. C