#AshestoPlum: A retrospect


We all know that The Luzonian was dead for a year. If not, none of us felt its existence, so either way it’s dead.

We all have our fair share of sorrows – in the pit hollow of our existence in this planet and Dael is not an exception to that. Either way, it was hibernation or sudden death; we all needed that once in a while to breathe anew.

Two years ago, in 2014-2015, Dael was unstable. Insubordination and chaos reigned in the editorial board and prevented Dael from getting published. There were too many conflicting interests that set back the publication.

Come 2015-2016,  the junior staffers from the previous year had become the editorial board. It was an uphill battle. It was no different from repairing a broken house without any idea where to start. They did trial-and-error and Dael came out tentatively in that period.

A faint beating heart from an almost dead patient per se from the previous year has become truly dead in 2016-2017. It goes without saying that Honoré de Balzac’s “laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught” just happened. Dael died and was buried along with its horror stories.

In school year 2017-2018, the new staff breathed life to Dael. Miracles did happen. Dael finally resumed against all odds – the paper chase, organizational duties, domestic responsibilities, etc. But the resurrection was truly a struggle. The most-awaited releases for more than a year have finally been delivered to Envergan stakeholders – the 24-page The Luzonian (broadsheet) and Andamyo XIII (literary folio).

The byproducts of a month-long effort received their just rewards at the annual Regional Higher Educational Press Conference in January when the publications bagged the 9th Top Performing School in Campus Journalism with a lean delegation of six participants who all won in their respective competitions. The sweet saga did not end here.

John Rover Sinag, Sophia Margarette Caagbay, Ivan Chris Mabilangan and Angelo Virtucio earned tickets to the coveted Luzonwide Higher Educational Press Conference in Baguio City in February.  Sinag, the sixth individual highest pointer in the Luzon grid, won third place in Newswriting and seventh place in Layouting alongside Caagbay who placed third in Poetry Writing in Filipino.

This proves that more than individual skills and talents, it’s the collaborative work from a solid team that makes everything possible. The Luzonian broadsheet and Andamyo’s presence in the student publication scene continued bringing honors home after garnering third Best Broadsheet (bagging first in Best Editorial Page, first in Best Feature Page, second in Best DevComm Page, fifth Best Literary Page, sixth Best News Page and seventh Best Page Design, seventh Best Page Design and tenth Best Literary Content).

Looking back at how The Luzonian rose from the ashes will be the legacy of this year’s editorial board. That you’re reading this magazine (the last was in 2013) is a testament that although The Luzonian will be fighting an uphill battle, its staff will continually give its bosses, the students, the publication they truly deserve.