Adore a legacy


She shines like a diamond. Her personality is so brilliant that she can lift your blue days. She talks with confidence and assertiveness. Her words are off to assure you with security: “Ah sige, ako bahala. Send ko mamaya. Check mo, kaya mo ‘yan. Go lang. Next time na lang ulit. Baka hindi pa yan para sa ’yo”, and most of all, “Marami pa naman d’yan. Don’t cry over spilled milk. Bawi ka na lang para walang regrets uli sa huli” – making herself a woman of value and conviction.

Majoring in a tough course – BS Accountancy – this girl aces her subjects despite having plenty of activities up her sleeves. Patricia Adora G. Alcala is indeed a complete epitome of a jack-of-all-trades.

Graduating valedictorian from high school, Adora continues to build her milestones with unending interesting stories and adventures in college. She became The Luzonian’s editor in chief in her sophomore year, followed by her selection in Region IV-A’s Elite Circle of Student Leaders as well as election as secretary in the Philippine Association of Administrators of Student Affairs.

Currently, Adora is the Junior Vice President for Publication and Communication in the local EU-JPIA chapter while holding the Vice President for Leadership Development and Socio-Civic Involvement in the NFJPIA Region IV-A Chapter.

She’s also part of the prestigious 2017 Ayala Young Leaders Congress joining the top 80 student leaders nationwide, an Aboitiz Scholar and one of the top 50 accountancy students nationwide in ASSET XV. The jack-of-all-trades also aced the NFJPIA-R4 as an Outstanding Youth Leader, ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting 2017 Most Diplomatic Delegate and Top 100 Markprof Delegate.

Her dose of talents never seem to run out. She was Ms. JPIA 2016 1st runner-up and Miss CBA’s Little Empress 2016. She also won the intercollegiate Online Strictly Business Quiz. Singing is also her talent as she has won singing stints on campus.

Likewise, her talents outshone others in the NFJPIA-R4 Got Talent 2017. Internationally, she was part of the winning team of the Institute of Management Accountants video contest awarded recently in Denver, USA.

Maybe you can see her around or she’s out there representing the school in nationwide contests. But simply, this superwoman is a marvelous daughter to her parents bringing pride, honor, and joy. She is also a great and reliable friend to count on.

The L got an inside snap with this achiever’s mind and heart.

“I was clueless as I entered college. I thought I would be living my college life simply but I was wrong. I still pursued my other interests. I’m a person who does not let opportunities pass. I know what I want, then I start to make plans and aim for something and do the best during the process. I’ve experienced so many struggles and I believe they have refined my abilities.”
“It was like a domino for me. My biggest stepping stones helped me knock my other goals. I tend to always appreciate the outcome. I look at the brighter side. I acknowledge my mistakes and learn from them,” she added.

“The privilege that I have is not given to everyone that’s why I don’t want to take them for granted. One achievement leads to another. I always think that everything matters. Whatever happens, just keep going. People might doubt you, but there will be ones who will always believe in you. If it’s really your passion, the hardships will always be worth it.”
Beyond what Adora has reached, she kept her character. Her total personality never fails to encourage and to inspire more people to write their stories extraordinarily and to leave their own legacies. Adora, she’s truly adorable.