Accidental pleasure?


Love can be anywhere, love can be felt anytime but romantic love and teenage pregnancy in this century? Think more than ten times!

Today, where the inflation rate is bursting to more than six percent, unwanted pregnancy is a no-no. Without financial stability and readiness for support, it is untenable to have a child born out of an accident. Before plunging into the throes of passion, be sure that you are committed to the consequences that may arise in the future.

Many teenagers are happily in love and think that having a child is romantic and can cement a relationship and make it stronger. The truth is, the majority of these relationships fail and the father ends up leaving his supposed-to-be wife to her parents together with the child, where the grandparents are forced to support the child.

The financial burden of an unwanted child is often just too much to bear for parents who have had trying years to make ends meet for their own children’s needs. But in the Filipino culture, a family does not abandon its own. And there lies the rub.

It’s not only you as a teenage parent who will be struggling and juggling the tasks of caring for a baby, but most especially your child will bear the social stigma of having to ask who the father is and why he is not with them.

It is hard to explain to a young mind such complications but they deserve to know the truth that their mother was foolhardy and careless.

There is the Magna Carta for Women or RA 9710 that boldly champions diversity among women. Part of this Code is the elimination of discrimination of pregnancy stating “expulsion, non-readmission, prohibiting enrollment, and other related discrimination of women students and faculty due to pregnancy out of marriage shall be outlawed.”

True. But the law does not provide for government support of single mothers. Will the government support the single moms financially? It will not. It simply ensures that teen mothers get a decent education sans discrimination.

The Philippine population is increasing arithmetically, with most of them young and unskilled, owing to a weak education system in the country. Thus, pregnancy should not be excused as an “accident.” Girls should think before they allow someone’s sperm cell to swim inside them.

An egg cell cannot develop without a sperm cell. Think twice before taking the so-called accidental leap. The results are irreversible and can last a lifetime of pain and recrimination.
Clearly, I am not blaming the single moms and teenagers who are now facing these struggles. I am writing this for those who think they are in the throes of perfect love. Think twice before jumping into the next step of a relationship: having sex and having a baby are two diametrically opposed experiences, the latter with lasting and sometimes traumatic consequences.